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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New shows on the way!!

Autumn is certainly my time of year and lucky for you, it is also the best time to buy my favorite, most inspired work!  Keep in mind that I do offer customer "loyalty cards" that keep track of your purchases and can earn you discounts for future goodies.  Come to a show, knock out a few people from your holiday list and earn 20% off while you're at it!  Good for in-person purchases only until I can figure out how to punch a card via webcam.

Here's a quick list of my upcoming shows.

Oct. 14th
Avant-garde Art and Craft Show
Westlake, Oh

October 18th - 21st
Pinned and Pined For

Oct. 20th
Bakery Square with I Made It! Market
Pittsburgh, Pa.
(Artist selection still being determined)

Nov. 3rd, 10am-3pm
Poff Elementary Holiday Market
Gibsonia, Pa.
(Unsure about this one)

Nov. 11
Bakery Square Harvest Party
Pittsburgh, Pa.
(Artist selection still being determined)

Nov. 16, 17, & 18
IX Christmas Connection
Cleveland IX Center
Big, BIG show!!!

December 8th
Handmade Arcade
(Crossing my fingers to get into this one!!)

December 15th
Last Minute Market
Cleveland, OH
(Not sure about this one yet)