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Monday, December 12, 2011

My Newest Endeavour!

Thanks for stopping over to my blog!  I have been busybusybusy with tons of holiday shows (and finals) and I've had an amazing response to my work!  It feels incredible to sell my art to people who truly appreciate it.  The sense of satisfaction and accomplishment is like no other! 

Now I'm trying to reach even more people who love art and nature by placing an ad in Bust Magazine!!  But I can only do it with your help! 

Please go right now to my fundraiser project on Kickstarter!  You'll get to watch a video explaining what the project is about and how I am helping use the project to teach young girls about self-employment, self-sufficiency and empowerment! 

When I presented this project in my Girl Cultures class, there was a guy (head of the Communications Dept) waiting to interview me!  He even sent my video to one of the local newspapers!  I don't know where/if the stories will run yet but I'll let you know! 

Thanks for all your help and support so far!  Even a donation of $1 will help me reach my goal!  Thanks!!!!

Also, keep your eye on this page (by filling in your email address at the top of the page) for updates on when I put more items on my etsy site!  Last minute shopping is so much easier when it's done from your computer!