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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Springtime News!

First, I want to say Thank You to everyone who stumbled on this page via The Carlow Sun Alumni Magazine's article about me and my one-woman-business!!

To see photos of what I have created, visit my Flickr page here:

To order something from my Etsy site, here it is!:

I can also be found on Facebook, of course, so "Like" my page and get random updates now and then!

And now here are a list of the shows I have booked so far!

April 14, 12-5

Chili with the Works

Southside Works, Pittsburgh

April 28, 10-2
Mt. Lebanon Earth Day

April 29, 10-5
Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Cleveland, OH

June 22 (not 100% sure about this one yet!)
WYEP Summer Music Festival
Oakland, Pittsburgh

July 13-15
Southside Works Exposed!
Southside Works, Pittsburgh 

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